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Figure 16-42. Two designs for making sanding sticks. Click to see larger view.

Special sanding sticks are available for jigsaw use, but it's not difficult to make your own (Figure 16-42). The sticks are just lengths of dowel, drilled to receive a section of threaded rod that can be gripped in the lower chuck like a file.

The abrasive paper can be cut from standard sheets and rubber cemented in place, or you can use readily available, selfadhesive types.



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Figure 16-43. Make special table inserts that you can use with the sanding sticks.

It's a good idea, when using sanding sticks, to make special inserts so the work will have max-imum support close to the work area. You can make these of tempered hardboard with center holes drilled to accommodate sanding sticks of various diameters (Figure 16-43).





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Figure 16-44. Keep turning the work so you will use all areas of the abrasive paper.

Like filing, the sanding action is up and down. Don't apply a lot of pressure against the sanding stick. Hold the work firmly enough so it won't be lifted by the upstroke (Figure 16-44). Keep turning the work so you will use all areas of the abrasive surface.

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